Eight Ways to Use Digital Marketing to Sell More Cars

The automotive industry gets more crowded and harder to stand out in every day. Yet, many dealers fail to use modern marketing techniques in the most effective ways. So here are a few tips on optimizing your online presence.

1. Have a strong digital engagement platform. Most likely your dealer network has tools for dealers to use to help you. They may even give you price cuts on some existing options. For example Chevrolet has a tool called Digital Traffic Generator from Agency 730 that is extremely useful.

2. Make one person responsible for your digital marketing. If you leave your online presence up to a committee it can get overlooked and put on the back burner.

3. While you have your one person who is responsible for your digital marketing, you should also train multiple people on how to use your marketing tools. Your salespeople should view this as a way to expand their skillset and help their career.

4. While most dealerships have a single newsletter that they send to each prospective customer, it’s important to try to personalize some of those newsletters to try to target what a consumer is looking for. For example if you detect that a certain customer is frequently browsing the SUV section of your site you could send them a SUV newsletter and offer via email. Learn more.

5. Make sure your website,emails, and any other content you are creating is designed with mobile in mind. Studies show that more than one third of car buyers searched for information regarding the vehicle they purchased on a mobile device before buying. If they can understand your ad or website when looking at it from their mobile it could very well drive their business away entirely.

6. Keep your website modern and fresh. Basically all of your customers will have visited your website before they come to your dealership in person. It’s incredibly important to make a good first impression here .

7. Use live chat. Prospects on your website are just as interested n buying a vehicle as a customer in your showroom. It is important that you have the ability to interact with them. While you can outsource this to a third party it will be more effective to have some of your staff take shifts keeping up with chat messages. Most of your inquiries will be about pricing and inventory which a third part would not be able to provide but your staff can.

8. If you choose to use text message marketing be careful. New rules require that you have explicit permission to text a customer before messaging them for marketing purposes. However if you can use it properly this method has a much higher response rate than email.

Nowadays consumers do everything online. Make it your business to make sure that your company is ahead of the curve on the digital frontier. If you manage this you will absolutely see a large boost in sales. Check out more: http://www.SecretCarMarketingTactics.com

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